London Holiday


When the truth is harder to believe than disguise.


When the truth is harder to believe than disguise.
Drugged and betrayed in his own household, Fitzwilliam Darcy makes his escape from a forged compromise that would see him unhappily wed. Dressed as a footman, he is welcomed into one of London’s unknown neighbourhoods by a young lady who is running out of time and running for her life.
Deciding to hide in plain sight, Miss Elizabeth Bennet dodges the expectation to marry the man of her mother’s dreams. When the insolent footman she “found” refuses to leave her side until they can uncover a solution to their respective dilemmas, the two new acquaintances treat themselves to a holiday, experiencing the best of what Regency England has to offer.
Based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, can two hard-headed characters with kind hearts discover the truth behind the disguise? Enjoy the banter, humour, and growing affection as Mr Darcy and Miss Elizabeth have the best day of their lives, and discover that they just might find love and romance while on a London Holiday. This book is appropriate for all ages.

Nicole Clarkston has shown with this book an incredible ability to diversify her work maintaining a consistency when it comes to the writing quality and character development. The angst in this book is very low and London Holiday could not be more different from These Dreams, but it is equality good due to the quality of the dialogues, the tenderness of the scenes between Darcy and Elizabeth and the perfect pace and connection between all plots.—From Pemberley to Milton

Nicole Clarkston certainly displays her range and creativity as an author in this story. It’s filled with plenty of light-hearted moments between Darcy and Elizabeth that she developed mainly through her clever dialogues between these characters and by keeping their true identities a secret from both characters for as long as possible.—Just Jane 1813

Elizabeth and Darcy are characters whose psychological description is very deep and accurate. I really like, in fact, how the author manages to make the reader know even the inner thoughts of the two heroes. There are many amusing moments between them, that make the book seems a comedy of misunderstandings, that have really kept me happy.—My Life Journey


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