Coming Soon

I currently have two works in progress, and BOTH are in the final stages. Woohoo!

The first story I have in progress is Nowhere But North, a North & South variation. This will be a full-length novel, but mercifully it should be completed at around 400 pages. I began this book in July of 2016, and it was in part inspired by the blog tour for its predecessor, Northern Rain. Unfortunately, its progress was stalled by two house moves in a six month period, and derailed entirely when The Muse insisted on finishing These Dreams first. The good news for N&S fans is that I am working on the final chapters and I hope to have it off to the beta readers within the next few weeks. I know, I write at the speed of a glacier.

I have never attempted a story like this, because it incorporates flashbacks from John and Margaret’s past into the present story line, and the reader sees how their history affects their future. As with TD, my dear friend Janet Taylor is already working on the cover, and I cannot wait to see it completed.

The second book might actually upstage the first. I threatened to write a comic romance after the angsty These Dreams, and it turns out that Nowhere But North was also a bit of an emotional ride for this author. I needed a brain break, and it came in the form of a fun mash-up I had been chewing on for a while. I’m still not revealing the title yet, but look for the title and some excerpts VERY soon! This one only has about a week’s worth of actual writing before it will be vivisected during the editing process, and then get shipped off for some beta reading. I am expecting a few comments in the way of “That could never have happened!” but if we can write P&P zombies, vampires, dragons, and body swaps, I think Darcy can dress as a footman for the day. *Oops, SPOILER!*

Look for cover reveals for both these beauties soon, and anyone on my mailing list will get ARC’s!