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A Gift for Mother’s Day! — 9 Comments

  1. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Quiet one for me but getting the calls and told to expect a package in the mail from my son and future daughter-in-law! So completely curious now! I should hear from my daughter later as they have our grandson’s 1st Holy Communion (why on Mother’s Day, I have no idea). Couldn’t attend as we care for my mother-in-law who just recently turned 94 and they live 6 hours away by car. My hubby will make brunch and I will get some reading in today!

    As for our dear Colonel, he is just what Darcy needs…someone to pull on that thread and unravel all Darcy is holding close to his chest! Can’t wait to hear when ‘Nefarious’ will be released for full consumption…paperback that is as I so love that cover! Congratulations!

    • Sounds like fun, Carole! How exciting that you have a soon-to-be new daughter! Your family is really growing with a grandson having his first communion. Wow! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Ooh! It was Mother’s Day in March here but I have just received a lovely gift, thank you Nicole!
    As usual I’m so so sorry for Darcy, luckily I’m sure the Colonel will ferret the whole story out of him and realise that Elizabeth is the perfect Mrs Darcy. Then he and Georgiana will work together to bring this about? (Am I anywhere close?)
    Darcy and the Colonel also need to deal with Benedict and his lies!
    I’m so looking forward to this being published, total shock I know 😉

    • Um… my lips are sealed, Glynis! But yeah… something might happen. 🤫

      Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!

  3. Thanks for wetting my whistle once again and yet leaving me dying of thirst! That book can’t come out soon enough for me, Ms. Clarkston!

  4. Can’t wait til it comes out! I know something will eventually happen since we are getting intrigued. Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope it is a grand one!

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