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From Pemberley to Milton with WIP Scenes and a Giveaway

You meet the sweetest people in the JAFF/ North & South community. One of my absolute favorites to chat with is Rita Deodato, and this month, she spoiled me by sharing some of my works in progress on her blog, From Pemberley to Milton. Stop by and check her out, she always has some wonderful postings to share. And if you comment on this post, she is giving away a copy of No Such Thing as Luck, so stop by!

2 thoughts on “From Pemberley to Milton with WIP Scenes and a Giveaway

  1. Thanks. I think I did stop by there and left a remark. Anything you write I am interested in reading. Good luck with that. Although the paragraph above is a little dated as you already published These Dreams.

    1. I was just noticing how outdated that is! I’ll have to have a little date with my blog.

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