Blog Tour of “These Dreams” by Nicole Clarkston, excerpt and giveaway

Blog Tour of “These Dreams” by Nicole Clarkston, excerpt and giveaway

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Nicole Clarkston

Nicole Clarkston is the author of Pride and Prejudice and North and South inspired novels. Her first novel, No Such Thing As Luck, was published in 2015 and was followed later that same year by Rumours & Recklessness. In 2016 she published both Northern Rain and The Courtship of Edward Gardiner. She is currently writing another Pride and Prejudice variation titled These Dreams, as well as a North and South variation tentatively titled Nowhere But North. Nicole enjoys reading, trips to the beach, horseback riding, and a cold Pepsi in a glass bottle. She lives in Oregon with her husband and 3 children.

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  1. When is Part 2 coming out. You didn’t finish it. PLEASE

    1. Kathy, there was a problem with the file that Amazon released first. That was just a placeholder file during the release process, but they pushed it out in error. If you send me your contact information, I will get you the completed book.

  2. Hi, I was looking for the kindle edition of These Dreams but can’t find it. Will it be back on Amazon? Thanks

    1. It is in the process of switching over to Kindle direct, and it will be available on Kindle unlimited as soon as it is up. Amazon is always very sticky when rewhen republishing on their platform after it has been published somewhere else, so I am waiting on them to re-release it.

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