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  1. I know it is hard to believe, but I had never read N&S until my Goodreads friends talked about it so much I decided I would have no peace until I did. After I read it, I thought… OK, now that is done… I don’t EVER have to read anything about N&S again.

    WRONG!! Then you came along and wrote No Such Thing as Luck… which I loved by the way. Never mind that… then came Northern Rain, which I bought and have still to read. Dang… NOW… there is this one. Oh, and you tempt me with this wonderful, fantastic, absolutely delightful chapter… dang, how am I to resist? OK… I give up… I yield… I am hooked.

    Hello, my name is J. W. Garrett and I am a N&S fangirl. Whew! I feel ever so much better now that I have confessed to my addiction.

    It’s all your fault.

  2. I am so, so, so glad you decided to write this book Nicole!!! The first chapter is amazing!!! And I’m sure the rest of the book will be even better :))
    Please keep writing 🙂

  3. I have the series but haven’t been tempted by the books – until now! I loved the excerpt and may now be tempted??? I mean John Thornton aka Richard Armitage is definitely tempting. How Margaret could resist throwing herself at him is beyond me! Maybe later in the book? 😉

  4. I love North and South and have a Pinterest Board. I have read and enjoyed both the other variations you wrote and am so looking forward to following this one also. Thank you for this chapter. Good luck with your writing.

  5. I enjoyed your other variations on North and South. It is one of my favorite stories. I have a Pinterest Board on it featuring Richard, of course. So looking forward to following this story. Thank you.

  6. Nicole,this snapshot into John and Margaret’s first day as a newly married couple are so heartbreaking.
    I see the way is clear for lots of misunderstandings and misleading thoughts between these two lovely, stubborn yet strangely suited people.

    I live how the present day links so naturally into an incident from the past. I remember reading these short snippets during the blog tour. The one based in the park where Maegaret meets an older bit is quite memorable,as is the account of John’s dad’s death. Beautifully written and very hard to read.

    Wishing you the best of luck with you P&P story! 😌

  7. The first chapter’s truly engaging. I can’t wait for the novel to be published. Any ideas on when that might happen?

  8. So looking forward to this. I have Northern Rain and No Such Thing as Luck in both Kindle and paperback editions. Can’t wait to add this new one to my collection.

  9. I cannot wait for this book! You write beautifully and make a reader attached to each character! I just reread No Such Thing As Luck and the excerpt at the end for your new book and ended up on this site after searching for the book. This chapter draws you in. Thank you for your stories!!

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